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"Tales from the Outer Country" - Martin Farrell Jr. (CD)

Tales from the Outer Country CD
Tales from the Outer Country CD

"Tales from the Outer Country" - Martin Farrell Jr. (CD)


“Tales from the Outer Country” is the debut release from singer songwriter and guitarist Martin Farrell Jr. It contains fourteen original tracks that displays a a new genre called “Cosmic Western”.

“The style of music I play incorporates the old country sound, utilizes bluegrass techniques, composed gospel guitar harmonies, rock rhythms and mysterious lyrics. Some folks might not want to call it country music — to them I say if you can use the word “country” for the stuff they have on the radio today with a straight face, we probably have different heroes. “Tales from the Outer Country” is truly a DIY album. I wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, produced and mastered all the tracks, and even drew the album artwork. This project took me over three years to complete and I truly appreciate your support purchasing, sharing, and spreading the word. I can’t make it happen without YOU. Thank you!” - MF


1) Regular Guy
2) The Benders
3) Stranger
4) Flat Iron Special
5) Lost Dutchman’s Mine
6) If You Were Free
7) The Meadow
8) Stuck Inside
9) Steamboats
10) Lowell’s Song
11) Shillings
12) Messenger
13) Wasted on a Memory
14) Mark’s Revenge

Gram Parsons meets Frank Zappa. The first record from multi-instrumentalist and producer Martin Farrell Jr. tells stories of heartache, drinkin', freedom and dyin' while painting wondrous musical backdrops for the listener to immerse themselves in. Recorded at Blue Station in Lawrence, Kansas and Tame Fish Studios in Aitkin, Minnesota from 2015-2018.

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