Jenna & Martin

Cosmic Western Duo

Music Video DROP! "Angels Among Us"

Well HEY, HEY friends and fans. It has been a while since we wrote in here. But I sure love writing so I’m going to give this blog another go!

Today, I released a new music video for my original song “Angels Among Us”! It has almost been a year since I released “Workin’ Woman” and I wanted to give this song another chance to be heard because it is one of the most trippy and intricate songs I’ve ever written and I am damn proud of it! Martin spent many, many, MANY hours in the spare bedroom of my Grandma’s house working on the pedal steel part for this song. I don’t think my Grandma ever really understood what he was doing in there, but she just took her hearing aids out and it didn’t bother her a bit! Thank you, Martin for all your hard work on this track <3 !

“There are angels among us
there are people who really care
there are flowers next to two dying roses
next to a stick in the mud.”

I remember being a kid in Sunday school and learning about the bible verse Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” I always liked the idea of having undercover angels in my life. I wrote this song thinking about all of the angels in my life who have encouraged me along my path and also about those “sticks in the mud” who had me thinking I was dreaming too big. While writing the song, I looked up the definition of a stick in the mud to make sure it was the wording I wanted: a person who is dull and unadventurous and who resists change. I love that definition… Sticks in the mud are not so bad. We all need some sticks in the mud in our lives..

I wrote the verses thinking about the church I grew up in and that I still attend, Bristol Hill United Methodist Church. I was thinking about the busy playground we had recently built for the community and about the empty community garden that only lasted one season I think. I was also thinking about the huge plot of land that surrounds the church and how maybe if we need money to keep the doors open we could sell plots of the land.

Martin came up with the bridge “Take me some place where I can stay, love me just like yesterday”. What does it mean? I was never really sure because Martin came up with it and I liked the sound of it so we kept it. Let me know what it means to you! When the rockin’ bridge part slows back down, there is a feeling that something great was discovered or accomplished.. I hope the bridge makes you feel something in some way.

I wanted to film a video for this song at my church but I wasn’t sure what to do during the bridge part. As I was driving down Merriam Lane a few days before 4th of July enjoying their flag display, the idea came to me to drive through the flags. It felt right in our current political climate “take me some place where I can stay, love me just like yesterday.” Finally, my bridge lyrics had some sort of meaning.

The videographer was Ben King (@imdinky on instagram). He was one of the hired photographers for my little brother’s wedding. The only night I had available to do the filming before the flags were getting taken down was 4th of July and Ben agreed to do the filming that night. If you look closely in the outdoor scenes, there is a cloudiness in the sky because the church is in Wyandotte County where fireworks are legal and there were fireworks going off everywhere!

The floral white dress is a hand-me-down from Kristin Hamilton. The flowy angel looking dress is the dress my bestie and cousin Jamie Cindrich wore to her wedding rehearsal dinner that I loved and always reminded me of an angel. The black cowgirl hat I’m wearing when walking through the sanctuary was my Grandma’s and the black and red boots were my other Grandma’s. The white 1966 Mustang is my cousin Debbie and Rick Lage’s and it was a three speed! My first time driving one and I didn’t kill it a single time :) ! These little things made the video a bit more special to me..

I hope someone considers me one of their angels that has encouraged them along their path they are meant to be travelin’ down. And I hope my music and the video make you feel a little COSMIC WESTERN.

Thanks for reading,

Jenna Rae