Jenna & Martin

Cosmic Western Duo


The Cosmic Western Duo of Jenna & Martin combine classic country sounds, bluegrass techniques, gospel harmonies, and rock rhythms to make their unique sounding Cosmic Western music.

Both Jenna & Martin are multi-instrumentalists and their live show incorporates a wide range of different instruments including guitar, pedal steel, banjo, foot pedals and saxophone. At their live shows you are likely to see favorite classic cover songs by Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Gram Parsons, Emmy Lou Harris, Kitty Wells, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and many more. The duo brings their vintage inspired Cosmic Western vibes wherever they go and deliver a high-spirited performance every time.

Jenna & Martin met as banjo players at Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Martin was working on recording his debut album and Jenna had dreams of recording an album. Since then the duo has released both of those albums, Martin’s called “Tales From the Outer Country” and Jenna’s “Workin’ Woman”. Both were produced by Martin. The duo released a holiday E.P. titled “Gingerbread” with three original holiday tracks in the winter of 2018 and are now recoding their first full length album together.

Their music is based in Kansas City. They play and tour most often as a duo but are also very grateful to have played their original music with several very talented backing bands including: Kahlen and Luke Mitchell, Jason McCarty, Duncan Burnett, Chad and Betsey Graves, Steve Fine, and Jim Hinkley.

Well it may be past Christmas time, but there’s never a bad time to watch Jenna & Martin’s short film “Gingerbread” that features their three original holiday songs as well as Martin dressed as Santa and Jenna dressed as an elf.